With Internet Ad Spending having surpassed that of TV and Radio by the end of 2013 and revenue generated by mobile advertising having increased by 61% thus far in 2014, it would not only make sense to start looking at these mediums to generate additional revenue but quite possibly make you kick yourself if you hadn't taken advantage of this already.

By embedding Digital Peppa's advertising engine into your current online or mobile offering you can instantly start monetising the traffic your various platforms generate. The AdPeppa system has been developed to facilitate traditional website ads, mobile website ads and mobile application ads.

Website Ads
Make use of the traditional banner ads or incorporate the newer trend of In-line Native ads which display inside your websites content thereby forcing a user to come across them when browsing through your site.

Mobile Website Ads
These too can be delivered as traditional banner ads or in-line native ads between content.


Our online Content Management System allows you full control over the advertisement inventory with detailed graphs and statistics on demand. The system caters for CPM (Number of impressions) and CPC (Click through Rates) models with stats available down to the platform level i.e. Web, Mobile web, Android, iOs, Blackberry and more..

Mobile App Ads (Native or Hybrid)
Here we can deliver banner adverts as well as full-screen media-rich ads.