Need an app for your event? Well look no further!

The EventPeppa cloud solution has been created to cater for every type of event you can think of from Live acts such as bands and DJ's to Trade Shows, Exhibitions and even Corporate events.

Unlike other solutions, EventPeppa has been built to add direct business benefit to your event through nifty little tools such as Live Surveys and Polls, Real-time Q & A Sessions, Feedback and Rating, Social Network integration and a whole lot more!

We understand that every organisation has different needs and we ensure that those requirements are met through our personalised approach to understanding your business and how our solution can add a tangible business benefits.

There are many off-the-shelf solutions out there but we feel that our value lies not only in the bleeding edge technology we offer, but more so in our ability to analyse and consult with you to offer what you really need instead of what you are told you need.

Our mobile solution is available on 5 platforms which allows you to customise your mobile application to suit your specific requirements by choosing from a host of available options. It has been built in such a way that you maintain the content of the app yourselves through an easy-t-use online Content Management System (CMS) and even change the way it looks by uploading fresh, high quality images on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. This allows you to brand the app for a specific event and keeps your customers coming back for new content!

How it works:

As the type and frequency of events differs so much, we wanted to give you the freedom to choose a solution that works for you. If you're only having a once-off event, then why pay a monthly subscription? If you're a Corporate and your hosting events throughout the year, a monthly subscription would probably make more sense, right? So let's run you through the available packages and pricing quickly:


The packages below are designed specifically for those once-off events and will give you access to the app for 1 year

Package 1:
Available on
  • Android
  • Apple (iOs)
  • HTML5

R 29 940

Package 2:
Available on
  • Android
  • Apple (iOs)
  • HTML5
  • Blackberry 10
  • Windows Phone

R 35 928


If you're hosting events throughout the year, why not go for an Opex model
that allows you to host as many events as you like for a very low monthly premium

Package 1:
Available on
  • Android
  • Apple (iOs)
  • HTML5

R 2495 P/M

Package 2:
Available on
  • Android
  • Apple (iOs)
  • HTML5
  • Blackberry 10
  • Windows Phone

R 2994 P/M

So now you know which package suits you? So what's next?
Click on 30-day Trial, fill in the form and we'll be in touch to get things going

We can have you up and running in under 10 days so what are you waiting for?

Base Modules Included In Package

All content is maintained through our online Content Management System. An intuitive user guide is provided to aid you in creating, editing and removing your applications content., all in real-time!

Included in the base package are 9 of the modules below. Please select those you require. You may also have multiple selections of the same module i.e. Profile pages (Speakers, Exhibitors, Artists, DJ's etc.), but you can still only have 8 in total.
Please select your 8 modules:





  • Request app users to register for your event/s by selecting fields from our pre-defined list. We allow for 5 Additional custom fields should we not have yours available.The Registration process automatically creates a "Profile" page for the app user where they can view and change details.
  • If you are using an external system for registration we can easily integrate with this should there be an available API. We will simply use the logon details supplied during this registration process when users log into the app. This will then pull in basic contact information that will be used for Contact Sharing and In-App messaging.


Social Integration (Facebook & Twitter)

  • This module comes standard with all our solutions as does not form part of the 9 modules you can select.
  • Most of our pages have the ability for you to include Facebook Pages and Twitter handles your audience access to all the relevant social networking information on every aspect of your event.
  • All Social Network links are "tap-to" meaning that a simple tap takes you directly to that page in the respective social network apps.


Event Details / Information

  • The features I to IV below are all included as part of the Event Details module and will represent a single module
Google Maps Integration
  • Simply type in the address for your event or any profile pages addresses and let us do the rest. When a user hits on the relevant maps in the app, Google will step in for turn-by turn navigation to where your audience needs to be.
Event Layout / Map
  • Simply post an image of your event layout with the relevant key to guide your patrons to their respective areas of interest.
Event Details
  • Present all your event's information such as the Date, time, contact information and Description. Our online editor allows you all the space and formatting required to tailor this as you require.
Event Itinerary / Line-up
  • Outline the Itinerary of speakers, shows, artist line-ups or whatever else your event/s comprises of so that app users know exactly what is happening and when
Attend or Decline Attendance
  • This section of the app only works if a user has been registered through the application. Once registered they will be able to "Attend" or Decline" attendance to the specific event. This will generate an e-mail with their response and their registered information such as their name, contact number and e-mail address. This e-mail will be sent to the person who has been set up as the contact person for the event in the Content Management System.
Profile Pages
  • List your Exhibitors, Teams, Sponsors, DJ's, Artists, Actors, Players, Teachers, Coaches and basically any "people" or "entity's" you want to provide detailed information about.
  • This includes Google Maps integration for navigation, click to email, click to dial, click to sms and the ability to embed links to other relevant content.
Bands / Artists / DJ's / Teams
  • List your Bands / DJ's /Artists/ Teams with their Logo, Names, Descriptions & contact information displayed.
Speakers / Presenters Hosts /
  • List your Speakers / Presenters / Hosts with their Logo, Names, Descriptions & contact information displayed.


Messages / Notifications

  • Send targeted messages to individuals, groups and all users with this unique function.
    • Eliminate your SMS costs with this messaging platform with no limit on the size of the messages you want to convey!


Newsletters / Press Releases

  • Post daily, weekly or monthly Newsletters directly to your app with Push notifications to draw app user's attention to them. The online editor allows you to embed links, format text and even add images


Media: Music / Movies / Images / Documents

  • Create an image Gallery with click-through page to the original size image.
  • CGive app-users access to your YouTube or Vimeo videos which will be played directly in their respective apps
  • Allow app users to listen to tracks, audio-books and anything else that is relevant in a .mp3 format
  • Download important documents such as Word, Excel and PDF docs.


Feedback or Q & A Sessions

  • App owners will now be able to receive live feedback and Q & A sessions from their app users .The great thing about this feature is that profane words are monitored and flagged. You can also add words to this custom list such as your competitor's names or any words you feel may be in-appropriate. Responses and feedback will then appear under the profile page they are associated with for other app users to view.


Real-time Surveys / Competitions & Voting

  • This is a great module used to engage with your audience in Real-time. Post survey questions, hold competitions and get users to vote on certain issues.
  • Replaces old technologies that required costly, special hardware to facilitate such functionality.
  • Find out what users thought of an event, who they want to see next time and whatever survey-type information you require and get the results back live!



  • This will allow app users to rate any "Profile" pages that you have selected i.e. Teams, Speaker, DJ, and Exhibitor etc. out of 5 stars.
    • This is a rolling poll and the rating will be displayed under the profile page as well as made available for download in the CMS


Membership Card

  • The Membership cards work in conjunction with the Registration module. They are usually used for Clubs, Associations or Schools and can be used to replace traditional membership cards. A unique QR code is generated for each member. Membership numbers can be allocated to your users and when they enter these into the app, their profile information will be pulled in from the Content Management System. You can also scan these codes using our Scanner App which will show you the members profile information.

Bolt-On Modules

The Modules listed below are additional modules that can be added onto the base system at an additional cost.



Mobile Ticketing Engine


  • Our proprietary Mobile Ticketing Engine allows you to sell Tickets for your event/s directly through your mobile application. Our integrated payment gateway facilitates Credit Card and Cheque Card payments with ease. All tickets are delivered to the user's mobile application as well as e-mailed to them. The ticketing module comes with our "Usher App" which is a simple app used by ushers at your venue to scan the mobile or printed tickets. This app will determine the validity of the user's ticket and whether or not it has already been redeemed. A connected Android or iOs device is needed to load this app onto and connectivity is required at all times in order to validate tickets


Advertising Engine

  • This module does not form one of the 9 modules you can select and is available upon request at no additional charge.
  • Digital Peppa has built its own in-app advertising engine that can power both banner and media rich full screen advertisements within your application. Adding this module allows you access to an additional revenue stream from your app. We offer a 70/30 revenue share split based on the advertising rate card we supply you.



  • Digital Peppa has built its own in-app advertising engine that can power both banner and media rich full screen advertisements within your application. Adding this module allows you access to an additional revenue stream from your app. We offer a 70/30 revenue share split whereby you retain 70% of the revenue earned from your advertising and we retain the remaining 30%
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