If you've ever wondered how much lobola/dowry someone would pay for you, relax because here is the app for you. Lobola Calculator can calculate lobola for not only a woman but a man as well. Great for getting a ball park figure if you're planning on proposing soon, great for breaking the ice on a date lol, great for a laugh with friends. You can then share your lobola price via instagram, facebook, whatsapp, twitter ect, as a picture.

I've added the ability to convert the default price(ZAR) to various currencies. Dynamic Leaderboard and Map to view worldwide averages. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to be added into the app feel free to drop me a mail. Major thanks to Eugene, Leroy and Gilbert for being an awesome team. *Please note that this app is just for entertainment and is not intended to replace the true culture and protocols of lobola.

Twitter: @lobolaapp | Play store :Lobola Calculator