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Testimonial from Deren Moodley, Head of IT at Rhema
"The Rhema App developed by Digital Peppa has made communication to our congregation much easier. It has taken us into a new phase of communication, and allowed us to reach our members no matter where they are and for them to keep in touch with events happening at our church. Digital Peppa, were very accommodating in making sure that the app was done the way we wanted it, inspite of all the changes that we keptrequesting. I would definitely recommend Digital Peppa to anyone looking to develop an App"

The problem with communication these days is that there are just too many ways to get the information out there which requires time and resource. uMoya was developed specifically to alleviate your communication and Media woes by creating a single platform to communicate through and publish media. With Mobile being the most utilized communication medium worldwide, it was the obvious platform to deliver our solution on.

We also believe that, although fewer people are attending church these days, they still need to be part of a community and feel close to their home church. uMoya is the answer as it becomes an extension of your church and allows congregation members to reach out and stay evolved and up to date. One should not look at technology as the enemy, but rather see how it can be used to bring even more souls to Christ. uMoya allows you to do exactly that!

Our Mission

As a Christian-led company, Digital Peppa wants to use its expertise and skillsets to immerse Africa and the rest of the world in Christ’s message.

Our uMoya Church App brings a church and its members closer together by ensuring that no event, message or inspirational quote is ever missed.

By using the uMoya solution we hope to assist churches in accessing massive savings on printing and communication costs thereby freeing up funds to be used in their other ministries and spreading the gospel more effectively.


uMoya is made available to you and your church on the following platforms:

    1. Android Smartphones
    2. Android Tablets
    3. Apple Smartphones
    4. Apple iPad's
    5. Blackberry Old - Operating Systems 5, 6 and 7 (Currently these Blackberry devices account for 25% of South Africa’s market share)
    6. Mobile Web - Perfect for feature phone users

Do I need to take them all? Of course not! We realise that every church has its own requirements and that is why we have built packages specific to your needs.

So what does uMoya actually do?

Package 1:
    1. Content Management System
    2. Android (smart phones and tablets)
    3. Apple (iphones and ipads)
    4. Access to all the available modules
Package 2:
    1. Content Management System
    2. Android (smart phones and tablets)
    3. Apple (iphones and ipads)
    4. Blackberry (Old operating System 6 & 7)
    5. Mobile Website (for feature phones & Windows phone)
    6. Access to all the available modules

The Modules below are included as part of the standard offering:





  • List general information about your church, what you stand for and display your service times
  • Includes Facebook and Twitter integration which opens your church's page directly inside the app without redirecting a user somewhere else
  • Google Maps integration allowing easy navigation to your church
  • Links to contact information relevant to your church.



  • Get Involved Church members can now volunteer their services for any ministry that your church has on offer. An e-mail is sent to the relevant ministry leader with their contact information which is pulled directly from their profile in the app
  • Google Maps integration allowing easy navigation to your church
  • Facebook Integration linking directly to your Facebook wall which allows users to post without ever leaving the app
  • Twitter integration which links directly to your feed and allows users to tweet without ever leaving your app
  • Display all the relevant contact details for all your ministries with click-to-dial and click-to-email functionality built in.


Make a Donation / Giving

  • Receive credit card payments using either Paythru, PayFast or PayPal
  • Display your churches banking details


Sermon Notes / Outlines

  • Post weekly sermon content directly into the app
  • Post questions that users can answer directly in the app
  • Allows users to make notes and answer questions in the app
  • All notes and answered questions are stored in the cloud meaning that if a user loses their phone they need simply log in to retrieve all their notes


News / Newsletter / Weekly Bulletin

  • This is great module that can be used to replace or at least reduce the weekly pamphlets usually handed out in church outlining the news, events and week ahead
  • A push notification is generated to alert all app users of the newsletter's arrival
  • Imbed images and format text as is necessary to achieve the look you are going forl


Messages / Notifications

  • Another fantastic tool that can be used to communicate information to your congregation in real-time
  • Messages can be sent to closed user groups based on which ministries a congregation member has expressed interest
  • Replace SMS's with these Push Notification Messages that are no longer limited to 160 characters and also alert a user to their arrival
  • Sending Messages is also absolutely free and can help you reduce your communication costs substantially



  • Publish all up-coming events using this module
  • Separate events into “Normal” and Featured” events so as to separate the weekly recurrent events from those special events that your church is hosting
  • Ad an event image, date, location, description and relevant contact details


Small Group Material

  • Publish small group content directly through the app Allows users to answer questions and take notes without having to leave the app
  • All user-generated content is stored in the cloud for safe keeping – no more pieces of paper all over the show getting lost!


Daily Devotions

  • Receive credit card payments using either Paythru, PayFast or PayPal
  • Display your churches banking details



  • This fantastic section of the app allows your congregation members access to important documents as well as Media files
  • Publish Audio and Video recordings of your services, training material, events and whatever else you've recorded for members to watch whenever they need to
  • Create an image gallery
  • Supply access to important documents that can be downloaded instantly


Prayer Requests

  • Allow congregation members to post their prayer request to your church to be added to your daily prayers
  • Their contact details are pulled from their profile information and sent via e-mail along with the request to the specified recipient



  • Allow app users to either log on as a Guest or to register as an app user. Determine if they are already members or not and drive the membership process
  • Capture vital information to ensure your congregation database is kept up to date
  • Allow users to update information and use the Messaging facility to draw their attention to do this in the app
  • Determine which members are interested in which ministries or groups and enable closed group messaging

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